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“Web Machinist 10.0 Download”

Web Machinist 10.0 Download





Web Machinist Software “ Threading Calculator ”

Below is the main screen of the Web Machinist “Threading Calculator” Main Menu.

As you can see, from the “Threading Calculator” main menu (above), you can choose to go to the “Unified Threads Calculator”, “Metric Threads Calculator”, “Acme Threads Calculator”,  “Trapezoidal Threads Calculator”, “Tapping Calculator”, “Tapping Formulas” or the “ 3 Wire Thread Measuring Calculator”.  Below is the Web Machinist Unified Threads Threading Calculator.  With this Threading Calculator you can quickly and easily display the dimensions of Unified Screw Threads of 0-80 to 1 1/2-28 both external and internal threads.  The dimensions are displayed in both inches and millimeter equivalents.  Also for external threads the 3 wire measuring calculations are also made.  Nice!  Internal Thread calculations include tap drill diameters too.

In Web Machinist is a Metric Threads Threading Calculator (below).  It is a huge data base of Metric Threads from M0.25x0.075 to M600x6 with inch equivalents. (See below)

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Above is the Web Machinist Acme Threads Calculator.  With this calculator you can view the dimensions for General Purpose Acme Threads and Stub Acme Threads and even see what is the Best Wire Size and Measurements when using the 3 wire method to check Acme Threads.

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Above is the Web Machinist Metric Trapezoidal Threads Calculator Screen.  Here Trapezoidal Threads from TRx1.5 to TR1120x44 Metric Trapezoid Threads dimensions can easily  be calculated for both external and internal Metric Trapezoidal Threads.


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