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Angles Conversions including Degrees to Decimal Degrees, Decimal Degrees to Degrees, Degrees to Radians, Radians to Degrees

Area Calculating including Circles, Rectangles, Squares and Hexagons.

Blueprint Symbols for the Machinist, a chart of machining related blueprint symbols.

Bolt Circle Patterns including Full Circle, Partial Circle, Polar Points, Chord to Diameter are easily calculated.

Center Drill Dimensions not only provides the center drill dimensions for center drills #00000 to #10 but also calculates the program depth of a center drill to achieve a desired countersink diameter.

Circle Center 3 Points Calculator, calculates the circle center point based on 3 points on the circle.

Circle Segment Calculator, calculates various features of a circle based on several different input options.

Countersinks, Input the the Countersink Angle and the desired Countersink Diameter and the Countersink depth is calculated for you.

Dovetail Measuring Calculator, calculate the dimensions of dovetail rails both inside and outside.

Drill Peck Calculators, including lathe and mill deep hole drilling with several options for pecks.

Drill Tip Length Calculator, calculates the length of the drill tip based on the drill size and drill tip angle.

Feed Rate Conversions Calculators including IPR to IPM, IPM to IPR, IPR to MMPR, IPM to MMPM, IPT to IPM, IPT to IPR and IPR to IPT

Feeds and Speeds Conversion Calculators including SFM to RPM, RPM to SFM, IPM to IPR, IPR to IPM, IPM to IPT, IPT to IPM, IPT to IPR, IPR to IPT, SMPM to RPM, RPM to SMPM, MMPM to MMPR, MMPR to MMPM, MMPM to MMPT, MMPT to MMPM, MMPT to MMPR, MMPR to MMPT, 16 Calculators in all.    

Gage Blocks Calculator, calculates the gage blocks needed to obtain a desired gage blocks height.

Hex Corner Points Calculator, calculates the corner points of hexagons.

Hex Pocket Endmill Points Calculator, calculates the endmill center points inside of a hexagon pocket.

Hole Location Calculator, calculates edge to hole and hole to hole dimensions.

Machining Formulas Reference Guide including Cutting Speed Formulas, Degrees Conversions Formulas, Drill Point Depth Formulas, Feed Rate Formulas, Metal Removal Formulas, Tapping Formulas and True Position Formula.

Machining Speeds & Feeds Calculator, Drilling Speeds and Feed Rates

Machining Speeds & Feeds Calculator, Milling Speeds and Feed Rates

Machining Speeds & Feeds Calculator, Tapping Speeds and Feed Rates

Machining Speeds & Feeds Calculator, Threading Speeds and Feed Rates

Machining Speeds & Feeds Calculator, Turning Speeds and Feed Rates

Manual Lathe Cross Slide Calculator, calculates the actual infeed amount when using the cross slide at an angle of a manual lathe.

Manual Lathe Tailstock Offset Calculator, calculates the tailstock offset needed to produce a desired part angle or taper per foot on a manual lathe.

Metal Removal Calculators including Time Cutting in Minutes, Time Cutting in Seconds, Distance Over Time and Metal Removal Rate.

Metal Weights Calculators including Round, Rectangle, Square, Hexagon and Round Tube in the following metals:Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Carbon Steel, Inconel, Magnesium, Monel, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Zinc.

Metric Conversions Calculator, Convert Metric Units to Imperial and Imperial Units to Metric Units.

Mill Soft Jaws Milling Calculator, including Left Stop, Right Stop, No Stop, Rectangle and Circle.

Right Triangles Calculator, calculate sides and angles of right triangles.

Rotary Axis Calculators, includes Inches per Minute to Degrees per Minute, Millimeters per Minute to Degrees per Minute, Degrees per Minute to Inches per Minute and Degrees per Minute to Millimeters per Minute.

Screws including dimensions of Socket Head Cap Screws: Standard Head, Flat Head, Button Head and Self Tapping Screws.

Simple Lathe Cam, calculates OD Tool Tip Radius Compensation, ID Tool Tip Radius Compensation, Cut-Off Tool Angle Compensation and generates G Code for the Tool Tip Compensation Calculations.

Sine Bar Set-Up Calculator, calculates the gage blocks needed to set-up a sine bar to a desired angle. It can also calculate the sine bar angle based on the gage blocks height being used.

Smart Drill Index including Fractional Drills, Number Drills, Letter Drills, Metric Drills and Suggested Speeds and Feeds for the Drills.

Speeds and Feeds Calculators, Including CNC Machining Speeds and Feeds, Rotary Axis Feed Rates, 4th Axis Feed Rates, Spindle Speed Conversion Calculators, speed and Feed Calculation Formulas, feed Rate Conversion Calculators, Tuning Speeds and Feeds, Milling Speeds and Feeds, Tapping Speeds and Feeds, Drilling Speeds and Feeds, Threading Speeds and Feeds.

Spindle Speed Conversion Calculator, Calculates Surface Speed to RPM and RPM to Surface Speed.

Spur Gear Dimensions Calculators including Imperial (English) and Module (Metric) Spur Gears.

Tapers Calculators including Morse Tapers, Jacobs Tapers, Brown & Sharpe Tapers, Jarno Tapers and Custom Tapers.

Tap Drill Sizes including Standard and Metric: Cutting Taps, Roll Forming Taps. Inch Pipe Taps: Including Straight Pipe Taps and Taper Pipe Taps.

Thread 3 Wire Measuring Calculator, 29° Acme Threads.

Thread 3 Wire Measuring Calculator, 60° Metric Threads.

Thread 3 Wire Measuring Calculator, 30° Metric Trapezoidal Threads.

Thread 3 Wire Measuring Calculator, 60° Unified Threads.   

True Position Calculator, Calculates the True Position of a Hole with Maximum Material Condition or without Maximum Material Condition.      

Tapping Calculator, Inch Taps including Cutting Taps, Roll Forming Taps, Heli-Coil Cutting Taps, Custom Cutting Taps, Custom Roll Forming Taps.

Tapping Calculator, Metric Taps including Cutting Taps, Roll Forming Taps, Heli-Coil Cutting Taps, Custom Cutting Taps, Custom Roll Forming Taps.

Threading Calculator, Acme 29° Threads, General Purpose, Stub and Custom Acme Threads.

Threading Calculator, Metric 60° Threads.

Threading Calculator, Metric 30° Trapezoidal Threads.   

Threading Calculator, Unified 60° Threads.

Turning Surface Finish Calculators, Calculate the Surface Finish of Turned Parts in both Ra and RMS format.

Wheel Bolt Pattern Calculators including 3 Bolt, 4 Bolt, 5 Bolt, 6 Bolt, 7 Bolt and 8 Bolt Pattern Calculations.

Lease & Loan Payment Calculators including Lease & Loan Payments by Number of Months and by Desired Payment Amount. Also provides Amortization Schedules too.

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