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Sine Bar Set-Up Calculating

To calculate the gage blocks height needed to set-up a sine bar to a specific angle all you have to do is take the SIN of the angle and multiply it by the sine bar length.  The length of the sine bar is the distance between the centers of the sine bar gage pins.

Example: You need to set a 5.0” sine bar or sine plate to 37°

SIN (37) = .601815023

.601815023 x 5.0 (sine Bar Length) = 3.009075116

Round 3.009075116 to 4 Decimal Places = 3.0091 Gage Blocks Height Needed

Seen below is the Sine Bar Calculator included within the Web Machinist software program below.  The calculator not only will calculate the gage blocks height needed but also lists the individual gage blocks needed to obtain the gage blocks height.  Also it can calculate the angle based on the height of the gage blocks used.  Very useful and a real time saver!

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Web Machinist Software:

Web Machinist Software

“Sine Bar Calculator”.  Calculate the Gage Blocks Needed to Set-Up an Inspection Sine Bar or Sine Plate.

Sine Bar Set-Up Calculator Web Machinist Special Deal!


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