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“Web Machinist 10.0 Download”

Web Machinist 10.0 Download





“ Right Triangle Calculations Formulas ”
Side c=
a² + b²
Side b=
² - a²c
Side a=
c² - b²

Side a = Side c x sin A

Side a = Side c x cos B

Side a = Side b x cot B

Side a = Side b x tan A

Side b = Side c x sin B

Side b = Side c x cos A

Side b = Side a x tan B

Side b = Side a x cot A

Side c = Side b/sin B

Side c = Side b/cos A

Side c = Side a/cos B

Side c = Side a/sin A

Side c = Square Root of Sides a² + b²

Side b = Square Root of Sides c² -

Side a = Square Root of Sides c² -

“ Find Angle Formulas “

Tan A = side a / side b

Sin A = side a / side c

Sin B = side b / side c

Angle A = 90° - Angle B

Angle B = 90° - Angle A

“ Find Side Length Formulas “

In CNC and conventional machining it is essential that the machinist know basic shop math.  One of the most important shop math areas to know is Right Triangle Calculations.  95% or more of part geometry problems such as Tool Radius Compensation, Angles, Radii and various other part programming problems can be solved by the use of Right Triangle Calculations.  Below are formulas for performing calculations of right triangles.

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Now included in the Web Machinist Software Program is the “Right Triangles Calculator” Seen Below:

Web Machinist Software:

Web Machinist Software

“Right Triangles Calculator” Easily Calculates the Side Lengths and Angles of Right Triangles.

Right Triangles Calculator
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