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Machining Speeds & Feeds Turning Calculator

In the Machining Speeds & Feeds Calculators Module included in the Web Machinist Program (bottom) you can choose a Speeds & Feeds Calculator for Turning, Milling, Drilling, Threading and Tapping from the Main Menu (above). In the examples below, Milling was chosen:

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After you have selected a machining process (in this case Milling) you will be asked to choose a material to calculate for. The available materials are: Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel,Ferrous Cast Metals, Stainless Steel, and Tool Steel. In this example, Stainless Steel was Chosen.

Above is an example of the Machining Speeds & Feeds Milling Stainless Steel Calculator. In this case, Alloy 430 was chosen and the Suggested Speeds and Feeds were calculated for Uncoated Carbide, Coated Carbide, and High Speed Steel. Also provided are 2 other Calculators: Surface Feet per Minute to Revolutions per Minute and Inches per Minute based on the Revolutions per Minute, Inches per Tooth and the Number of Flutes.

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