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“Web Machinist 10.0 Download”

Web Machinist 10.0 Download





Web Machinist “ Hole Position Calculator ”

The “Inspection Calculators” shown above are included in the “Web Machinist” Software Program below:

The “Hole Position Calculator” is a very useful Inspection Tool.  Quickly Calculate the Actual Dimensions of Hole from an Edge or from Hole to Hole.

Above is the Edge to Hole Location Inspection Calculator.  It is very handy for measuring an edge of a part to a hole, especially with a height gage.  Simple input the hole diameter and the actual measurement from the part edge to the hole bottom and the Hole Location Calculator will calculate the actual dimension measurement for you.  This is a great time saver when you have a few to many holes to measure location with a height gage.  Instead of using your calculator over and over just type in the new measurements and click calculate.  What a time saver!

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