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“Web Machinist 10.0 Download”

Web Machinist 10.0 Download





Fadal CNC Mill G Codes

G0 Rapid Travel

G1 Linear Interpolation

G2 Circular Interpolation (Arc Clockwise)

G3 Circular Interpolation (Arc Counter Clockwise)

G4 Dwell (P=Milliseconds)

G5 Non Modal Rapid Travel

G8 Acceleration (No Feed Ramps)

G9 Deceleration (Feed Ramps)

G10 Programmable Data Input

G15 YZ Circular Interpolation (With A Axis)

G17 XY Plane (Q Word For Y Axis Mapping, PO=A Axis, P1=B Axis)

G18 ZX Plane

G19 YZ Plane

G20 Check For Inch Parameter

G21 Check For Metric Parameter

G28 Return To Zero

G29 Return From Zero

G31 Skip Function

G31 (Probe Touch Function)

G31.1 Probe No Touch Function

G40 Cutter Compensation Cancel

G41 Cutter Compensation Left

G42 Cutter Compensation Right

G43 Tool Length Compensation Positive

G44 Tool Length Compensation Negative

G45 Tool Offset Single Expansion

G46 Tool Offset Single Reduction

G47 Tool Offset Double Expansion

G48 Tool Offset Double Reduction

G49 Tool Length Offset Cancel

G50 Ramp Slope Control Cancel

G50.1 Mirror Image Cancel

G51 Ramp Slope Control (RO=Ramp Speed Value of .5-2. +Sign=Z Axis, -Sign=XY Axis)

G51.1 Mirror Image

G52 Coordinate System Shift

G52.1 Tool Load Compensation

G53 Use Machine Coordinate System

G54-G59 Fixture Offsets

G66 Modal Subroutine Call (L=Subroutine)

G67 Modal Subroutine Cancel

G68 Rotation (RO=Angle X,Y=Center of Rotation)

G69 Rotation Cancel

G70 Check For Inch Parameter

G71 Check For Metric Parameter

G73 Peck Drill (Q=Step Size OR I=Initial Peck, J=Reducing Value & K=Minimum Peck)

(P=Feed Distance Before Peck)

G74 Left Hand Tap / G74.1 Left Hand Rigid Tap (Q=Thread Lead, F=RPM)

G74.2 Prepare For Rigid Tapping Cycle

G75 Tapping Head Cycle (Q=Thread Lead, F=RPM)

G76 Fine Boring Cycle (Q=Amount of Y+ Shift OR I= Amount & Direction of X Shift, J=Amount & Direction of Y Shift)

G80 Fixed Cycle Cancel

G81 Drill, Spot Drill

G82 Center Drill, Counter Bore (P=Milliseconds)

G83 Deep Hole Cycle (Q=Step Size OR I=Initial Peck, J=Reducing Value & K=Minimum Peck)

P=Feed Distance Before Each Peck (Opt)

G84 Right Hand Tap / G84.1 Right Hand Rigid Tap

Format 1 (Q=Thread Lead, F=RPM)

Format 2 (No Q, S=RPM, F=Feed)

G84.2 Prepare for Rigid Tapping Cycle

G85 Boring Cycle In/Out

G86 Boring Cycle (Bore In/Spindle Off/Rapid Out)

G87 Boring Cycle In/Out

G88 Boring Cycle (Bore In/Dwell/Bore Out) (P=Milliseconds)

G89 Boring Cycle (Bore In/Dwell/Bore Out) (P=Milliseconds)

G90 Absolute Positioning

G91 Incremental Positioning

G91.1 High Speed Execution

G91.2 High Speed Execution Cancel (Format 2 Only)

G92 Absolute Preset

G93 1/T Feed Rate Specification

G94 Feed Rate Specification DPM, IPM

G98 Return to Initial Plane

G99 Return to RO Clearance Plane

Fadal CNC G Code List

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