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Metric Conversions Calculator

The Metric Conversions Calculator included in the Web Machinist program (below) allows many Metric to Imperial and Imperial to Metric calculations to be made. Such as Centimeters to Inches, Centimeters to Feet, Cubic Centimeters to Cubic Inches, Cubic Meters to Bushels, Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet, Cubic centimeters to Cubic Yards, Degrees Celsius to Degrees Fahrenheit, Grams to Ounces, Grams to Grains, Grams to Pounds, Hectares to Acres, Kilograms to Hundredweights, Kilograms to Pounds, Kilogram Force to Newton, kilometers to Furlongs, Kilometers to Miles, Kilometers to Yards, Kilometers per Hour to Miles per Hour, Kilopascals to Pounds per Square Inch, Kilopascals to Atmospheres, Kilojoules to British Thermal Units (BTU), Kilonewtons to Ton-Force, Kilowatts to Horse Power (Electric), Liters to Cubic Inches, Liters to Fluid Ounces, Liters to Pints, Liters to Gallons, Liters per Second to Cubic Feet per Minute, Liters per Second to Gallons per Minute, Liters per Second to Gallons per Hour, Megajoules to Kilowatt Hours, Megapascals to Pounds per Square Inch, Megapascals to Tons per Square Inch, Meters to Feet, Meters to Fathoms, Meters to Furlongs, Meters to Inches, Meters to Rods, Meters to Yards, Microns to Inches, Millibars to Inches of Mercury, Millimeters to Feet, Millimeters to Inches, Millileters to Fluid Ounces, Nautical Miles to Miles, Newtons to Pound-Force, Newton-Meter to Foot Pound, Square Centimeters to Square Inches, Square Centimeters to Square Feet, Square Meters to Square Feet, Square Meters to Square Yards, Square Millimeters to Square Inches, Square Kilometers to Square Miles, Tonnes to Long Tons (2240 Pounds), Tonnes to Short Tons (2000 Pounds)

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