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Bolt Circle Patterns Calculator

The Bolt Circle Patterns Calculator included in the Web Machinist program (bottom) can calculate full circle bolt circle patterns, partial bolt circle patterns, polar points, chords between bolt circle points and even wheel bolt patterns can be calculated for 3 bolt, 4 bolt, 5 bolt, 6 bolt, 7 bolt and 8 bolt wheels and rims.

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Above is an example of a full bolt circle calculation.  As you can see the bolt circle pattern is plotted with numbers that correspond to positions in the positions list for easy reference. You can also print the bolt circle points, save the bolt circle points to a file or copy them to your computer’s clipboard for pasting into a file.

Above is an example of a partial bolt circle pattern calculation.

Above is an example of a polar points pattern calculation.

This is an example of the chord length to diameter calculator.  Simply input the number of holes in the bolt circle pattern, the holes size, the measurement across 2 consecutive holes and the center point of the bolt circle pattern.  The chord length to diameter calculator will then calculate the bolt circle diameter and the chord length between the hole centers and the bolt circle pattern x,y coordinates too.

The bolt circle pattern calculator also has a wheel, rim bolt pattern calculator included.


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