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“Web Machinist 10.0 Download”

Web Machinist 10.0 Download





Step #1

Enter the the 3 Known Points of the circle into X1, Y1, X2, Y2, X3 and Y3

Step #3

Find the Slopes:

Slope 1:

Slope1= (X1 - X2) / (Y2 - Y1)

Slope 2:

Slope2= (X1 - X3) / (Y3 - Y1)

Step #4

Find the Perpendiculars:

Perpendicular 1:

Perp1= YMid1 - (Slope1 x XMid1)

Perpendicular 2:

Perp2= YMid2 - (Slope2 x XMid2)

Step #5

Calculate the X,Y Center Points of the Circle

X Center Point = (Perp1 - Perp2) / Slope2 - Slope1

Y Center Point = Perp1 + (Slope1 x XCenter)

How to Find the Center Point of a Circle When 3 Points are Known

Step #2

Find the Mid Point of each chord of the circle:

Find X Midpoints:

XMid1= (X1 + X2) / 2

XMid2= (X1 + X3) / 2

Find Y Midpoints:

YMid1= (Y1 + Y2) / 2

YMid2= (Y1 + Y3) / 2

Step #6 (Optional)

Calculate the Circle Radius

Circle Radius = Square Root of ((X Center - X1)² + (Y Center - Y1)² )

As you can see, the calculations for determining the center point and radius of a circle using 3 known points can be a cumbersome process.  Fortunately there is a much faster and easier way.  The Web Machinist Circle Center 3 Points Calculator included in the Web Machinist Software Program.  (See below):

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Above is the Circle Center Dialog where all you need to do is enter 3 known points on the circle then the Circle Center 3 Points Calculator will determine the circle center and the circle radius quickly and easily.  See Below:

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Web Machinist Software:


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